Foundation First

The School

The school itself consists of seven classrooms, a library, two latrines, a kitchen, and an office.The administrative building has a supply room, teachers lounge, clean water purifier and a nurses station. Our doors opened in Feb. 2013, educating 210 students per term.


Rooting for Change campaign: we are looking to raise funds to purchase 10 acres to farm on. Crops grown will help feed our students, and excess crops will be sold to the general public. Crops include: corn, beans, cabbage, and tomatoes. Once planting begins, it takes about 4 months to harvest. This will significantly reduce feeding costs and help pay teachers wages, books, medical supplies, etc. Children will also learn the importance of agriculture. We will employ workers to maintain the crops and students will visit the farm regularly. We understand the importance of tradition. However, we are looking to bring some modern farming ideas with this project. Specifically crop rotation and irrigation. For the last two years Uganda has had little rain, leaving the community devastated. Working together, we can change this!

Clean Water

Our clean water program. One of the most important aspects of this project. Contaminated water carries not only bacteria but parasites. This is largely because the water is shared by surrounding communities and animals. It is estimated that every week about 400 children die from water borne illnesses, or every 15 seconds. Extended bellies are common in Kacerere, the cause being intestinal worms. Worms consume up to 20% of a child's daily intake. Per the CIA World Fact book, water borne illnesses in Uganda include: Hep A, Hep E, Typhoid, Leptospirosis, and Schistosomiasis.

We recently partnered with Clean Water for the World, an organization based out of Michigan, whose mission is to provide clean water to children all over the world. This wonderful organization donated a water purifier that was installed in July 2013. Contaminated water is passed through a stainless steel tube containing an ultraviolet light. As the water passes by the light, it kills any parasites and bacteria. The light is powered by a 12 volt battery, which is charged by a solar panel. This purifier can clean up to 200 gallons of water a day, and is good for 2 years!! This partnership was a HUGE SUCCESS and will save thousands of lives in the community!! To learn more about this amazing organization, please visit

Advanced Carpentry

We are creating an advanced carpentry program. A skilled craftsman in Uganda works 8-10 hours a day for LESS than $3 income. Bricks are made by hand and on location and all materials are purchased locally. This helps keep cost at a minimum, and provides a means of income for the community. Skilled laborers in our community find it difficult to seek work due to isolation, transportation, and lack of skills. We are teaching the men of the community these skills to help them maintain the school, as well as provide for their families.

Advanced Needlework

The women in the community will be a part of our advanced needleworks program. This is a micro-credit initiative. Before joining this program, women must learn arithmetic. They will essentially be providing uniforms for our students, but also creating businesses to provide for their families.

In order to continue our work, we need your help. Volunteer, donate, spread the word, create a fundraising event, or ship supplies to our physical address in Uganda. We are ALWAYS in need of first aid and school supplies. You can even donate clothes! There are many ways of getting involved!

Anthony Ayebare
Nyarushija, Kacerere parish, Bufundi sub county,
Kabale district
P.O.Box 492